Step 4 Step Soul Line Dancers


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Step for Step Line Dancers is a group based in Northern New Jersey who teach and enjoy soul line dancing.  We have classes for all skill levels in several locations.  We also host private events including weddings, fund raisers, corporate and community events.  

We are a group of people who simply love soul and r&b line dancing and the friendships and health benefits that go along with it.  We provide soul line dancing lessons in numerous classes throughout North Jersey and welcome all line dancers from beginners to advanced.  Come join us to learn, dance, and have a great time.  See what all the fuss is about, and experience how...  



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Step 4 Step Line Dancers
PO Box 25217
Newark, NJ  07101
Questions? Comments? Random inquiries? We'll address the first two, maybe not the third. We have line dance experts eager to help you out.  To be added to our email contact list, please enter your information below and mention in the comments "email list".  Thanks!

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